One name: Antonio. And a family, a brand of excellence in the world of semi-finished gold production. A dedication rewarded by the loyalty of a steadily growing customer base. An ever-evolving style and technique for a factory that has been on the market for more than 25 years, thanks to the intuition of the founder, father Antonio Panfili, and the evolution accomplished by his sons, who in recent years have integrated tradition with the most modern techniques.

A harmony that translates into maximum enhancement of the raw material; Gold. Today, in charge of Panfili Jewelry are the founder Antonio himself along with his two sons Gianluca and Fabio Panfili, and grandson Giuseppe. Gianluca and Giuseppe are in charge of public relations and customer contacts, while Fabio runs the store in the historic Borgo Orefici in Naples.

True to the old artisan goldsmith systems, but always at the forefront of using the newest and best technology.

The Panfiligioielli sas gold frames factory was founded on this basis and has its deepest roots in the decades of experience of the Panfili brothers.


Antonio Panfili known as Spallone, founder of Panfili jewelry, nicknamed so even as a boy because of his height. Born in a neighborhood where gold working is the bread and butter. The passion infected him to such an extent that every spare moment became an excuse to follow, browse, and study the secrets and techniques used by master craftsmen. Sustained by a talent that is never self-aggrandizing, he has acquired a unique and personal style, blending techniques learned over the years. He never stopped learning.


Despite his very young age, Gianluca approached the world of jewelry and plunged into the depths of its essence, soon becoming a key pivot for Panfili Gioielli. The third son of Antonio, a craftsman and founder of the company, he is primarily involved in design and public relations, never failing to contribute to the management side of the work. Always helpful and reliable looking to the future. Gianluca ensures solidity and enthusiasm at Panfili Jewelry.


Firstborn son of Antonio, founder of the company. Fabio ensures solidity and continuity at Panfili Jewelry, playing, with great skill, the role of sales manager of the boutique. Goldsmith craftsman, as well as an expert salesman. Fabio ensures competence and reliability to all customers, advising and guiding them in their purchases. Helpfulness and friendliness. Fabio is an indispensable part of Panfili Jewelry.


Always at the side of Antonio, founder of Panfili jewelry, he has contributed effectively to the company’s growth. Responsible for internal management as well as customers and suppliers, he is a staple of Panfili Jewelry. His expertise and 20 years’ experience in the field contribute significantly to consolidating his position as an organizer among departments. Always helpful and efficient, Joseph rounds out his professional figure by personally handling the casting and rubber reproduction of all the company’s flagship models.

Our Mission

We pay special attention to market analysis and new trends related to frames and semi-finished products, Panfili Jewelry has a daily mission to assist its customers in purchasing jewelry that is able to transfer an emotion.

Our Belief

In our workshop every day, manuaity and creativity work together, giving light to unique pieces that carry a timeless preciousness. Passion, Time, and Dedication are the added value that turns a simple creation into a work of art.

Our Vision

We imagine an increasingly interesting World. Increasingly Conscious and Elegant, and we imagine our unique objects worn by the interesting representatives of this Consciousness. Of this Elegance


The best in the field of semi-finished products. They have a very special production line that is maniacally attentive to the smallest details. I see a very strong passion in them, and I like that very much.

Carla Doria
Goldsmith Jeweler
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